Artist Iseult O'Flynn


Iseult O'Flynn graduated from DLIADT in 2001 and has since moved to Co. Clare. She have spent the last ten years renovating an old property just outside Killaloe to create Bridge House Studios.

Kept LR

‘Words are important in my work, either the text itself combined with the image, or the associations that they carry.’

‘Fabric… stitching… torn… frayed…old… worn… remnants… patched-up… dilapidated… collaged… nailed… stapled… mended… layers held together or hanging by a thread… buried… revealing… hidden secrets beneath the surface… These words reflect the tenuous nature of piecing together the past, how memories can be strong, fleeting glimpses, or just fragments that remain.’

‘A line marks the start and the finish.
A gentle curve, hesitant, irresolute.
Bold marks, carved, gouged, jagged edge, scratches on a surface.’

Triptych LR

‘The measure of an emotion, thought patterns reflected.
A train of thought, ideas linked, a chain of events.
Connections made and severed.
Drawing a line creates boundaries, divides, defines, describes.
A line marks the beginning and the end.’

‘Combining various printmaking techniques, my work deals with impressions of past experiences, locations and events,
forgotten language and conversations remembered.’